Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities. Tourist map of Egypt: sights and local population of Egypt | World travel, tourism and geography 

Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities. Tourist map of Egypt: sights and local population of Egypt

Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities. Tourist map of Egypt: sights and local population of Egypt

The population of Egypt in Asyut
ASYUT (the population of 402 000 people) in the 1990th years became the first city of the Average of Egypt, closed for tourists because during antistate mutiny of Islamic fighters foreigners became a target both for them, and for employees of security service resisting to them. The city actually lived 10 years in a situation of arrests and severe observance of a curfew, night clubs of Egypt here did not work, and the conflict extended meanwhile further on the South while eventually moderately has not died away, having left in inheritance to Asyut ubiquitous police and reputation of the homeland of shady characters. Therefore it is reasonable that people in Egypt – inhabitants of Asyut – and Christians in particular – so were delighted to the wonderful phenomena of a type of the Mother of God, which have happened (as it is oath eyewitnesses) in September, 2000 in the form of light over a tower of church of Sacred Mark assure.
The next precondition for optimistic moods is the economic recovery which has become possible thanks to personal and city investments into the industrial and commercial enterprises, also successes of the city football team "Assyut Cernent" which sponsor are the cement works located on the turnaround river bank. More inconsistent emotions are caused at the population of Egypt in this city by glory of their compatriot, beauty Ruby (after Britney Spears her clips looks simply the nun), and local mafioso Izzat Hanafi. Changeable, God-fearing and the decayed Asyut is a usual Naples on Nile (or Palermo in a yashmak).
Tourist map of Egypt: Asyut
The tourist map of Egypt with sights of Asyut are limited to several monasteries and tombs on the district мухафазы, the strange historical monument restored in old quarter of the city and the City Day (on April 18), dated for date of exile of Frenchmen locals in 1799: this day folklore representations are arranged, and across Nile the whole flotilla of boats floats. But not enough who from tourists will feel comfortably accompanied by policemen in the civilian, and times even the whole escort of motorcyclists therefore your tourist rest in Egypt in this city can be a little saddened. By the way, that if in the afternoon policemen follow foreigners close is surprising, after darkness coming to tourists is weakened it is allowed to wander alone. Asyut and has suffered from opening of a direct road from Luxor in an oasis of Harga: travellers at present do not have any need to go there through the city.

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