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Menla. The last buses from China before Laotian border

Menla. The last buses from China before Laotian border

One of the most favourite routes of China
The four-hour way from Menlunya in Menl, included in the cheapest rounds to China, lies through the strip of the jungle stretched on 100 km. At first the bus копотливо подымается uphill a hill, and later sharply turns and moves along a mountain range – passengers of morning flights have possibility to admire a bewitching picture (in particular effective in clear winter day) «the seas of clouds», стелющегося over tops of trees below. Further the way lies by bright rocky formations and the small roadside settlements acting from the wood. Moderately trees start to give way to plantations of rubber-bearing plants and farmer grounds, but – so far as the most popular route of China lasts through mountains – landscapes do not lose the effektnost. It is bigger of Sishuanbanna’s 5 natural reserves – it includes a little actually the virgin massifs, which authorities have decided to protect from a civilisation, and is famous for rare richness of the flora which samples to you should be beheld in a botanical garden on the road.
Menlunsky buses from China
Naturally, after such beauty everything can cause disappointment, but Menl and on the truth – the small town unattractive, stagnant and grey. The main local sight – a pagoda the Bronze Spike – costs in 2 km to the South from Menl, near the river. The pagoda has been put during age-old times by 2 burmese monks as a sanctuary for relics of the Buddha, and the spike has been granted to it, according to local beliefs, Heavens. With its construction at edge the world has for a long time set in, but time was undermined by a structure, and once a pagoda has fallen behind decay. In 1759 it has been restored – on its reconstruction Tszinkhun’s Thai governor has not regretted 30 000 silver sheets and bronze columns. That happened later – a riddle: Menla has been closed for foreigners within actually 30 years after the Cultural revolution, and former wealth and the trace has caught a cold, though in Menlya you will see unlimited number of monks, and a hillock to the West one more crowns, smaller on size, a temple pagoda.
On Menl’s northern suburb the road service station from which buses in China throughout the day go on Menlun is located. There are flights and to Tszinkhun. From road service station on the South 1500-metre main Menl Street at the end of which there is a terminal of buses of the southern directions lasts. On this street there is a bank – the last on a way to Laos, also ten snackbars, restaurants and two personal hotels of China. Policemen in civil here meet everywhere – even among the Uyghur trading кебабами from trays. After all it is the last significant small town before Laotian border that lasts in 60 km to the southeast and on which skreshcheniye will suspend the action the visa to China.

To take pleasure in a type of a pagoda the Bronze Spike have possibility ordered rounds to China from Khabarovsk.

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