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Daochen: natural Chinese sights and means of transport in China

Daochen: natural Chinese sights and means of transport in China

Natural sights of China wait for you after Litan. The attention of travellers on Litan Road – Sanduy usually involves cold and severe Haytszyshan – the glacier top, and at present high, corroded stones the uplands covered with flowers of a fuchsia, malekhanky winding rivulets and pale blue mountain lakes is no time. Having overcome it, the road directs by not so Benbo’s long since restored monastery to the plain where has settled down САНДУЙ – a chaotic congestion of the Tibetan lodges round an intersection where ways agree on Syanchen and Daochen. The road on Daochen lies on West side of the wide and long river plain in 30 kilometres to the South from Daochen where you can find personal hotels of China. Having passed about 7 km, you will see the bridge from which distant end the funtovy road running through the plain to a monastery to Chzhutsza (5 km) originates, famous for the meditating monks and a bright arrangement in the centre of a slope of a hill (a good occasion to descend from the bus and to wander on vicinities).
Natural Chinese sights in Daochen
DAOCHEN – the smallest settlement directed on tourists from stocky lodges and the little shops concentrated round T-shaped, against which the road from Sanduya rests, having passed road service station. Actually everywhere in Daochen the ordinary culture of China is felt. The highway leaving from an intersection on the North, it is sensitive having escaped for Daochen’s line, passes to a twisting dirt road, having passed on which km 5, you will see a tiny small village, угнездившуюся on the suburb to the plain round hot springs. Ablution in local swimming baths costs to CNY 3. Having refreshed, you can cross the plain and, having overcome a range, to return back to Daochen, already languid: the height in 3500 metres will affect. Vobshchem, the most part of tourists come to Daochen to behold natural Chinese sights: for the sake of lying in 76 kilometres to Yadin’s South from it – a bright reserved zone of the Alpine meadows, lakes and the mountain peaks rising on 6000 metres. If to you will carry and the bus will go, you will reach entrance gate to the reserve in Syangelil for CNY 55. On another you should order a 5-seater jeep or the minibus for CNY 500 through administration of your hotel. In Yadin is where to spend the night, but for the real moment the huge part of the reserve can be examined only on foot or astride a horse.
Residence and means of transport in China in Daochen
How many there is a rest in China? The answer will depend on where you lodge. For accommodation in Daochen benevolent Tibetan guest houses are registered on the best options – and is concrete, Seaburay (0836/5728668; CNY 30 from the person; be guided according to indexes in English at road service station). However, your stomach should pass terrible test because of plentiful portions тсампа, trickled pastries and oil tea. Toilets in their general and to wash to you it is necessary in local baths or – that is more representative – in swimming baths on hot springs. In Daochen there is also one big hotel Yading Jiudian (0836/8674777;). Comfortable, but faceless, it costs on the road conducting to hot springs. At hotel the change works.
From Daochen public means of transport in China once a day make flights to Litan, Kandin, Sheung-Chang and Chzhundyan in Yunnan. Keep in mind that directly Daochen is initial пт a bus route on Chzhundyan, and it is better to sit down on it here, than in Syanchen whom it will pass on the way.

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