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Damenlun. The main sights of China on a 15-kilometre route

Damenlun. The main sights of China on a 15-kilometre route

The most part of the guests who have ordered the cheapest rounds to China, come to Damenlun for the sake of nainteresneyshy three-day travel to the settlement Bulanshan, a 40-kilometre route to which repeats a way of Nanakhe and her inflows, crossing forests and agricultural grounds. Some local peasants never were even in Tszinkhun.
However, it is expensive, there is no time developing of the tracks blazed by local communities, at present seriously it is equipped. And the earlier you here will appear, the it is more at you than chances to wander on yet not asphalted, wonderful in the protogenic virginity to route sites. The food and equipment for camp parking should be had at itself though about a food and a lodging for the night it is possible to agree to the peasants, replacing here personal hotels of China, – for a successful gift or CNY 10-15.
The 1st, 15-kilometre, from Damenlun to Manguankhanya it is possible to overcome a route site on any turned-up transport from which and it is possible to survey the main sights of China. Having reached to Manguankhanya, continue to go forward on the road. Having passed approximately about kilometre, you will see the tractor track leaving on the right – on Guanmin, the picturesque settlement хань, located on the river bank. Having overcome 5 more km, by a thermal source, you will appear in Manpo’s occupied буланами the village. Behind the village the road passes to a simple track which lasts by Nong’s village, crosses the river and lasts further, to Suner (both villages occupy a nationality лаху, sostavlyashchy small population of China), comes back back later and enters on the district hany, passing their two settlements – Bannavan 6 and Veydun, the most beautiful small village on the road. This 20-kilometre piece of a route comes to an end with transition of a track to the new highway on which you should overcome the last 10 km to Bulunshanya, a mountainous enclave ethnic буланов. In Bulanshan there is a hotel, and itself not enough one bus in day goes from there to Menkhunya, lying in 50 km to the North, on Menkhay Route – Has given.

Behold the eyes a mountainous enclave ethnic буланов can arrived to China from Omsk.

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