Damenlun and travel in Bulanshan. Buddhist culture of China during new time | World travel, tourism and geography 

Damenlun and travel in Bulanshan. Buddhist culture of China during new time

Damenlun and travel in Bulanshan. Buddhist culture of China during new time

Transport of China, and directly some buses in day overcome a seven-ten-kilometre way from the tszinkhunsky terminal Mintszula on the South, in Damenlun or Menlun as it often designate on the cards, one of number of those small towns of Western Sishuanbanna in which it is necessary to glance for the sake of the Sunday market. This edge is rich also with Buddhism monuments – nearly in each village on the road there is an own temple and pagodas. It is very interesting Manyuanlunsa near Gasa (15 km from Tszinkhun) – a monastery with a charming ladder. The most known and most effective construction in the region is Manfeylunsunta (a pagoda of Bamboo Escape), standing on a hill in 30 minutes of walking on the North from Damenlun. the 1st pagoda on this place has been put in the thirteenth century. The construction which has reached us of which the culture of China during new time can brag, is brightly decorated with slices of mirrors reflecting malicious forces and lists in silver tones. Here pilgrimage the burmese monks, coming to meditate and bow to two prints of feet left by Shakyamuni in a niche in the basis of a pagoda quite often make. The unusual title the pagoda should nine-final in respect of a design reminding a bunch of a bamboo sprouting from the earth. Near to the small town on a separate hill there is Damenlun’s next glorified Buddhist monument – Haythe (A black pagoda). Its decay disappoints, though from far away the pagoda looks still enough perfectly. In Damenlun there is an unlimited quantity of cheap snackbars, and here under a rattling karaoke in a new hostel near the station you hardly will manage to have a rest perfectly. Organising the travel to China, it is better to reach an intersection of the main streets, and to curtail on the right – through 20 m to the right of you there will be representing personal hotels of China in the city, ordinary-looking by sight a hotel, numbers in what comfortable and comfortable, some even have videoplayers.

Behold Damenlun’s all Buddhist temples the ordered rounds to China from Petersburg can.

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