The historical China Mongolia Russia card and history of China during new time | World travel, tourism and geography 

The historical China Mongolia Russia card and history of China during new time

The historical China Mongolia Russia card and history of China during new time

Genghis Khan appearance (1162-1227) on light was accompanied by an ominous sign – future conqueror was born with a blood clot in a hand. In its board Mongols have risen from uncertainty to subdue all Asia, having killed million people, having destroyed the cities and having devastated all lands from China to Eastern Europe. Destruction of the cities was a subject the person of pride of Genghis Khan – settlements were destroyed in literal sense to the basis, and the commander could drive about on their ruins even at night, without being afraid that his horse will stumble. You can learn more about stories of Mongolia and China, having chosen rest in China in the summer. Before Genghis Khan appearance on a historical scene Mongol nomads only irritated Chinese erecting the city. Construction of the Great Wall has been undertaken to differentiate these two diametrically turnaround societies directly. To Chinese suited that nomad tribes of old Mongolia were at war not only against external opponents, well and in common. Genghis Khan merit was that it has connected militant nomads in the uniform fighting force, equal which the world did not see.
Genghis Khan: known people of China and Mongolia
Having become in 1206 Khan Hanov, it also has entered Yasa (the law of the great power) – the 1st code of laws for Mongols. Few of its draconian doctrines have lived up to now (though Genghis Khan Law has been cut out on iron plates after his death), but directly it have added later to the arsenal and Tamerlan, in Samarkand, and the Great Mogul in India for strengthening of authority of the power. Many known people of China longed to be similar on the great fighter. The secret of success of Genghis Khan was covered in his strategy relying on art of a cavalry, perfecting the fighting possibilities in long jumps in a saddle on open, wide Mongolian steppes. Often its army won a victory over armies, in 10 and even 20 times outnumbering it. Though what of his soldiers had an easy armour and on 3-4 horses. They found food in the grasped lands, slept open-air. In food they cooked meat, placing it under a saddle and when their forces ran low, взрезали veins on a neck of horses and sucked blood, continuing to skip forward. They did not do stocks, without burdening itself a burden. An onslaught which Mongols have undertaken, having attacked China in 1211, was really large-scale. You can choose the best time of rest in China and receive other particulars of history of the country. The Great Wall did not become an obstacle for Genghis Khan, and with 2 hundred parts of thousands soldiers it has rushed through Northwest China to Beijing. Its way, however, was not light. The destructions made by Mongols in Northern China быль are so considerable that have provoked hunger and epidemic of plague which have caused to the conqueror not a smaller loss, than won.
Historical China Mongolia Russia card
Genghis Khan has died of the wounds found at falling from a horse before Beijing has fallen. His body has been transported back to Mongolia by a funeral train from 10 000 people killing though what person who have met on their way and an animal in borders of 10 miles around that messages about Genghis Khan death have not achieved whose ears before his sons and vice-kings will not gather from the most distant corners of his possession.
Where Genghis Khan precisely not clearly though it agrees one of quite often meeting legends remains of the leader directly has been buried are based in the mausoleum near Dunshen, to the South from Baotou. After Genghis Khan death of destiny of China and Europe were weaved. The China Mongolia Russia card has exchanged. Having won all Russia, the Mongolian armies in 1241 intended to make the last small breakthrough through Europe to Atlantic when great fighters have received an outline to come back back. Rescue of Western Europe has turned back final submission of China, and by 1271. Mongols have based in Heavenly Empire the dynasty – Yuan. Vperva for the history Chinese have fallen under foreign domination. The period of board of a dynasty Yuan still remains an era with reference to which the Chinese historians abstain from laudatory responses though the Mongolian governors managed to expand considerably borders of the empire, vpervy having subordinated Yunnan and Tibet. Blossoming of dynastic sovereignty has fallen on board of khan Hubilaya sung by Marco Polo in his book. By the way, weather in Mongolia and weather in China in the summer usually differ. On irony of history Mongols could find the real power over Chinese, only having become Chinese on spirit – through refusal of own ordinary way of life. Hubilay han and its yard have forgotten about military glory of own ancestors, and in 1368 – less, than in century after accession – reign from a dynasty Yuan, a shadow of own ancestors, have been expelled from China by a dynasty of Minute. Mongols have come back to Mongolia and have remembered what lived once: hunting, interstine fight and repeating skirmishes with Chinese at the Great Wall.
History of Mongolia and history of China during new time
Since then she did not favour any more the Mongol though in the XVIII century they managed to establish at least nominal control over lands to the South and the West, there is no time won by Genghis Khan, and is concrete, over Tibet, from where the Lamaism which has become its main religion has got into Mongolia. Rare monasteries in the Tibetan style that have remained in Mongolia, – heritage of those times. Years went, and more immigrants from other parts of Asia settled here: at present in the region lives very many Muslims, and in dynasty board Cin to the Inner Mongolia the Chinese running from overpopulation and hunger on the homeland (this tendency has remained and at communists) have moved. Such there was a history of China during new time. Newcomers have started to master actively pasturable grounds, having broken local ecology – the wind and water have washed away a soil layer, and Mongols have moved to mountains. Only not so the terrible program on restoration and development of inapplicable lands has been long since accepted. Lying between 2 empires, Mongolia constantly felt danger of the independence. Russian have established protectorate over the North; other lands have fallen under control of China. In the 1930th inhabitants of the country of a rising sun occupied a huge part of the East of the Inner Mongolia, having included it in Manchzhou-go’s structure. Have not refused claims for its lands and the Chinese communists. In 1945 Stalin has compelled to recognise Chan Kaysha independence of External Mongolia, having taken it under the protection on the basis of the Chinese-Soviet anti-Japanese contract and subjects having predetermined the basis of the Mongolian National Republic. In 1947 the Inner Mongolia – the first among regions – has found the status of the independent area of the Chinese National Republic. By the way, if you look for the same SPA centres as the SPA centres in China, you should work in Mongolia.

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