Turquoise coast. Olya-Denise and vicinities. From faralyi in Ovadzhik. A mosque in Turkey to which the track | World travel, tourism and geography 

Turquoise coast. Olya-Denise and vicinities. From faralyi in Ovadzhik. A mosque in Turkey to which the track

Turquoise coast. Olya-Denise and vicinities. From фаральи in Ovadzhik. A mosque in Turkey to which the track

Mosque in Turkey, located in the village centre to Kirma
From Degirmen/Die Wassermiihle Likiyskaya Road of 20 mines abruptly goes up from the gorge with the small river, and late on 10 mines will be transformed to a wide, shady wood track which conducts to a fountain. Somewhere through 45 mines after an exit from Faralyi when at the left there are fields, a small shelter for goats and the tank source, a track will lead you to a mosque in Turkey in the village centre to Kirma (Kirme), surrounded from the East and the North the mountains overgrown with pines, and opened from the South. 10 mines rise up from the village to a source and shelkovichny trees surrounding it, enjoying what climate in Turkey, late turn on the North and go on it is left on the road. Slightly more than in 1 h you will approach to the following village which is called as Kozagachi (Kozagaci), with bright houses in Turkey. There is a footpath which can reduce the road approximately by 15 mines, but, is ordinary, the red-white signs indicating it, are not all. At Kozagachi (it is translated as «water of last spring») the track is marked as it is bad, therefore to a meeting behind the village it is necessary to be more attentively and not to follow the green signs conducting up on a track to the mountain the Woman, and to remain on the road which goes on a hill slope by the modern house to a saddle with fine views of all coast from Olya-Deniz to Dalyan’s region where the resorts of Turkey for house rest are located.
Waiting for transport in Turkey
From here excellent, places laid out by the medieval cobble-stone, the mountain road going along the coast sharply goes down on quite long (from 45 mines to 1 h of walking), to slope of a hill absolutely deprived of a shadow. 75 more mines you will go along a number of the rain tanks which water is used only in critical cases. In 1, 5 h of hour of walking from Kozagachi Road that becomes more equal, again sharply rises uphill or goes down, but at present, in any case, all this occurs in a shadow. In half an hour one more tank notes a place where the track comes to an end, and it is possible to lay down that you will be picked up by any transport in Turkey. Otherwise through 900 m you will get on asphalted Ovadzhik Road — Olya-Denise and to Sultan Motel motel.

To pass on the mountain road laid out by a medieval cobble-stone the ordered rounds to Turkey from Krasnodar can.

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