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Ayder and his best hotels of Turkey of Spa

Ayder and his best hotels of Turkey of Spa

Ayder. During a season (from the middle of June to the middle of September) from Pazar here with 10. 00 to 18. 00 each hour go долмуши. If you arrive to Turkey in October, the schedule can exchange. The road to Ayder takes slightly more than an hour. At all this it is necessary to do by times change in Chamlykhemshina where you will not see expensive hotels of Turkey. To reach here out of a season, it is necessary to pay 50YTL for a taxi. Back on the coast from the Winner of times a day one goes долмуш in Pazar, three — to Rize and one — to Trabzon. Having gone down from Ayder down, it is possible to sit down on the unique daily minibus following up on the plain of Fyrtyn to the Chat and Elevita. At all this it is not obligatory to come back in Pazar, but to Chamlykhemshina you should reach no later than midday. Ayder shares on two areas-makhalle: Birindzhi (Birinci) (The bottom Ayder at height of 1250 m) and Ikinidzhi (Ikinici) (The top Ayder at height of 1350 m), better known under Yukra Ambarlyk’s title. In Birindzhi there are best hotels of Turkey of Spa, a final stop dolmushy, and during a high season it enough Shumen and is populous. Than Yukra Ambarlyk is quieter, and the most part (but after all not all) the best local hotels there is located. The framework of the old bus has been transformed in Birindzhi Ayder to mail office, but the bank in the settlement is not present, therefore change means in Pazara or Chamlykhemshina. In cafe the stop dolmushy has a slow and unreliable Internet access which tourists in Turkey can use.

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