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Main data. Transport.

Main data. Transport.

Жд network of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic, at a trip to round across the Czech Republic, can brag of one of the most comfortable жд networks in Europe. City company Czech railways (Ceske drahy, or UD; www. cd. cz) maintains two main types of trains: rychtik (R) or spesny (Sp)-speed trains which stop only in huge occupied пт, and the ordinary trains (osobni) stopping practically at each station. High-speed trains, in turn, share on category: SuperCity (SC) with cars of only the first class and EuroCity (EU) or Intercity (IC) for which it is necessary to pay extra, unlike category Expres (Ex) trains. Tickets (jizdenkу) for trips within the country can be got at the station (nadrazi) the day before or in day of departure. Trains go to the adjoining countries with sleepers (tickets need to be reserved as it is possible earlier).

Regional bus flights.

In the Czech Republic the InterRail and EuroDomino cards, but not operate with Eurail. Regional bus flights are made, usually, by the city company Ceska statni automobilova doprava (CSAD), and on favourite long-distance routes the personal companies compete to it, for example CEBUS. Usually autostations settle down near stations. Usually, tickets can be got not only in cash desk, well and at the driver; we recommend to receive tickets for buses of distant following itself not enough in a day. Train schedule and buses can be found on a site www. vlak. cz.

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