Al-Azkhar mosque. To Osnovyn of tradition of old and modern Egypt and their feature | World travel, tourism and geography 

Al-Azkhar mosque. To Osnovyn of tradition of old and modern Egypt and their feature

Al-Azkhar mosque. To Osnovyn of tradition of old and modern Egypt and their feature

Traditions of Egypt in education
To the southwest from Medan el-Hussein the foot underpass conducts to al-Azkhar mosque. This centre of tourism in Egypt carries the name to which can translate as "radiant", "blossoming" or "brilliant". Based in 970 to a meeting after the termination of walls of fatimidsky al-Kakhiry, al-Azkhar applies for that being considered as the oldest institute in the world (this right challenges Kayrauin’s mosque in the Moroccan Fes). But in any case here already more than one thousand years al-Azkhar observes traditions of Egypt in education: prepares students from all Muslim world, educating them which, despite Naser’s reforms, remains same what it was during a classical era of Islam. Mukavrina comprehensively study the Koran and the Islamic right (икх), logic, grammar and rhetoric, phases of a Muslim lunar calendar learn to count. The most part of training passes in listening of lectures, sitting in a circle (halka) at feet of the sheikh, and mechanical storing. But, having reached a certain level, having studied the main lines of culture of old Egypt, students have an opportunity to enter conversation with teachers or to edify the younger. Taking in all this attention, also that on al-Azkhar own status is the highest theological authority for the Egyptian Muslims, it is reasonable that the mosque always had printsipny political value.
Traditions of old Egypt are strong and at present
Salakh-ad-Din has transformed it from the Shiism centre to a bastion of a Sunni ortodoksiya, and Napoleon’s armies have roughly profaned it to show the power. Without mentioning it, Bedeker’s guidebook warns guests to observe traditions of old Egypt:« in this primary source of Mohammedan fanaticism. abstain from all manifestations of fun or neglect». Al-Azkhar, being considered as a nationalism stronghold from the nineteenth century, has been chosen as Naser as a place for speech pronouncing during invasion to Suez in 1956. When the lord of Saudi Arabia Fakhd prayed here with Mubarak in 1989, it symbolised return of Egypt to a number of the limited Arab countries. After all, as it is paradoxical, al-Azkhar much of 90 000 students observe traditions and customs of Egypt and esteem the blind sheikh – fundamentalist Omar Abdel Rahman who serves now a life sentence in the USA for preparation of explosions of 1993 in ill-starred Global shopping centre in New York. A mosque (it is open for tourists on Monday-Thursday and Sunday 8. 00-17. 00, on Friday 8. 00-11. 00 and 15. 00-17. 00, it is open for prayers of times a day 8. 00-21. 00) – it is a mix of eras and styles, harmonious, but confusing. If you just plan to choose round to Egypt, include in it visit of this place.
Historical monuments: mosques of Egypt
So, you have chosen informative types of tourism in Egypt. You enter inside through Gate of the Barber (the XV century) where by tradition to students shave the heads, in surrounded with 3 minarets big сахн (yard) which for 500 years is more senior. The facade сахна with its sockets and Kiel – visible arches generally goes back to an era Fatimidov, but ривак – zareshechenny premises of theological schools madrasahs – to the right of you – belong to the mamlyuksky period. To chagrin, they are open from time to time for guests, but you can pass in carpeted кибла Lebanon (a hall for prayers) with alabaster columns where is михраб – the prayful niche turned towards Mecca. The roof and minarets of this mosque of Egypt (during guidebook writing they have been closed for guests, but it is meaningful to ask about them), provide a fine look. Naturally, from here you will not see, what beaches in Egypt. But look at streets of Islamic Cairo available out of time with their vanity and dusty buildings which could be constructed as decade, and an eyelid ago, and on the horizon by about tens minarets.

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