Islamic Cairo. History of religion of Egypt in Islamic Cairo | World travel, tourism and geography 

Islamic Cairo. History of religion of Egypt in Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo. History of religion of Egypt in Islamic Cairo

Architecture of old Egypt: Islamic Cairo
Still the population of old Egypt has depicted future architecture of Cairo. Borders of an old part of the city were outlined by the river and mountains of garbage, the lock, an aqueduct and the thrown slums. The markets generally settled down in denselypopulated quarters of the northeast, угнездившись and parasitizing on ruins of old Fatimidsky palaces, and in the heart of shopping streets small court yard and big houses where the communities connected between by bonds of clan and religious relationship were restricted disappeared. The architecture of old Egypt in this city was similar to the dulled mind, reflexion of starenky desires and vague memories of the disappeared dynasties. Robert Earvin, «The Arab nightmare»: Islamic Cairo feeds imaginations and destroys definiteness. Few foreigners, getting to it to a mouth, do not feel to a descent of feeling of ecstasy and awe. Streets narrow and overflowed, slippery from asinine excrements and water from the broken-through water supply systems, over them hang zareshechenny balconies and houses in Egypt. Mosques, markets and medieval lanes. A smell шиша and the fried giblets, being carried on avenues. Cliques муэдзинов "Allah Akbar" (The Allah is great) and entreaties of beggars «Ya mokhanny, йа the slave» (About the sir, смилуйтесь). All this the same integral part of street life, as well as handicraftsmen and peddlers with carts. Not essentially what trip to Egypt is worthy of it to behold this range the eyes. Types, sounds, smells and different surprises transfer you back in time and even if you have lost the way or have spent a little funds for a baksheesh, – memoirs of that stand.
History of religion of Egypt: Islamic Cairo
You can wonderfully spend time, investigating this quarter the cities and without knowing at all this anything about its history or architecture but to describe Islamic Cairo, it is necessary to address both to that, and to another. The history of religion of Egypt is closely connected with architecture. The Islamic architecture has own rules, conventions and styles which we have tried to summarise in the dictionary. In the small historical section the general chronological outline is given, and more detailed information on people and events is included in the sketches devoted to certain monuments. The modern history of Egypt says that the most part of constructions are called in honour of their founders. And modern Islamic fundamentalists reject them as месджид ale-derar – the mosques constructed for own glorification. Earthquake of 1992 became the precondition of important destructions in Islamic Cairo though directly thanks to this considerable quantity of mosques and monuments their former magnificence after decades of oblivion has been moderately returned. Many people in Egypt longed to see a townscape former. In many cases restoration was carried out with the currency help of the various organisations – the American research centre, Global fund of protection of monuments and others. A consequence of it, to chagrin, became as well that many monuments of Islamic Cairo are closed now for public. But all the same there is still such unlimited quantity of objects which do not leave to you free time, and even week in Egypt will seem one day. You can happily spend days and even weeks, investigating this area and always opening something new to yourself.

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